Specialist concrete wall and floor sawing services in Perth

Expertise is key when it comes to sawing into concrete walls and floors if you want to get the best results. Our concrete wall and floor sawing services in Perth are provided by experienced specialists who take pride in their work.

We make sure our concrete sawing gets the job done right first time to consistently achieve excellent results, and we’re equipped with several types of concrete wall and floor sawing tools to match the requirements of a wide range of jobs.

Concrete wall sawing

Our concrete wall sawing services hold many advantages over DIY handheld sawing if you need to create openings in or break through concrete and reinforced concrete walls.

Our track-mounted system ensures high-precision cuts, avoiding a lot of extra reworking. It also has the following benefits:

Efficiency. It’s the most accurate method of cutting openings in concrete walls.

Versatility. The track can be mounted on staircases and steep inclines.

Safety. The saw can be operated remotely from up to 10 metres from the blade.

If a track-mounted saw isn’t a practical option because of restricted space, our concrete cutting technicians are expert in the use of handheld ring saws.

Floor sawing is a practical and economic technique for cutting into concrete floors. We have a selection of options to suit a wide range of concrete floor sawing requirements, including:

  • Floor chasing for installation of pipes, trunking and conduits.
  • Trenching
  • Road, driveway and runway repairs.

What makes our Perth concrete wall and floor sawing services special?

Our concrete cutting experts provide wall and floor sawing services in Perth for homeowners, civil engineering works and commercial construction companies.

Householders, infrastructure developers and building firms seek our because of our solid reputation for:

  • Professional standards.
  • Accuracy and precision.
  • Customised solutions.
  • Reliability and responsiveness.
  • Meticulous clean-up.

Get in touch now with our Perth concrete wall and floor sawing services to discover more about how we can help your project.

Concrete wall sawing